The Curriculum

All are welcome to apply to the Pre-Diploma programme! This programme leads you directly into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The first year is called “Pre-Diploma” and you would have the same subjects as you would have in year 1 at High School. The courses are based on the Swedish curriculum plan but are taught in English. Thereafter in years 2 and 3 you follow the IBDP.

The IBDP is a 2 year secondary education with an emphasis on international-mindedness and becoming a global citizen. The language of instruction is in English although you will continue to develop other languages as well. IBDP schools are all over the world and when you complete the DP (by taking externally moderated exams), you are eligible to apply to many Universities all over the world.

In school year 2017-2018 our courses on offer are:

Group 1(Language and Literature/Language A):   English or Swedish at HL or SL

Group 2 (Language Acquisition/Language B):  English or Swedish at HL or SL

Group 3 (Individuals and Societies):  History at HL or SL, Psychology HL or SL, and Business Management HL or SL

Group 4 (Sciences): Biology, Chemistry, or Physics at HL or SL

Group 5 (Mathematics):  Mathematical Studies (SL only) or Mathematics SL

Group 6 (Arts): Visual Arts at SL

See below to look at our course outlines for the subjects above. Course  outlines are subject to change depending on the teacher, the students, etc., but the aims, objectives, knowledge,  skills, and assessments are standardized per IB standards of practice.

Please note that in the future we aim to increase our course offerings if more than 5 students are interested in a particular subject.