The Curriculum


IB Preparatory Diploma (PDP), Year 1

Courses in common
Credits, or hrs where stated
Swedish 1 100
English 5 100
Languages step 1/3 100
Math 1 100
Physical Education and Health 1
(continued in year 2) 50 hrs
History 1 b 100
Academic Preparation 10 hrs
CAS 20 hrs

Social Sciences profile specific courses
Geography 1 100
Preparatory Biology 60 hrs

Natural Sciences profile specific courses
Math, extension 50 hrs
Preparatory Biology 60 hrs
Preparatory Physics 60 hrs
Preparatory Chemistry 60 hrs

IB Diploma years 2 and 3

Courses in common
CAS 150 hrs
Extended Essay 40 hrs
Theory of Knowledge 100 hrs
Physical Education and Health 1
(continued from year 1) 50 hrs

The IB Diploma offers academic depth and breadth in a minimum six subjects, three taken at higher level (240h) and three taken at standard leve (150h)l, from our groups:
1 Studies in Language and Literature A: English A, Language A, Swedish A
2 Language Acquisition B: English B, French B, German B, Spanish B, Swedish B
3 Individuals and Societies: Geography, History, Psychology
4 Experimental Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
5 Mathematics: Maths Studies, Maths Standard, Maths Higher, Further Maths
6 Arts or Electives: Theatre or another subject from groups 2-4
The core of the two-year course is Theory of Knowledge, writing an Extended Essay, and completing the CAS course of Creativity, Activity, and Service.

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