The Curriculum

IB: the Gateway to Higher Education and the World

AN ACADEMIC PROGRAMME leading to an IB Diploma, the IB is offered at more than 2,450 schools worldwide.

A RECOGNISED INDICATOR of academic excellence. The IB Diploma is awarded after examinations in the third year and is highly regarded by university admissions officers worldwide.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST IB SCHOOLS IN SCANDINAVIA. Malmö Borgarskola has offered the IB programme since 1994 with outstanding results.

OUR WORLD CLASS RESULTS are due to our many years of experience – in combination with highly-qualified teachers and strongly motivated students. Our staff participate in regular professional development seminars organised by the International Baccalaureate.

THE VAST MAJORITY OF OUR GRADUATES continue on to higher education, studying at top universities such as Oxford, Cam- bridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College, Durham, Warwick, St Andrews, Harvard, Yale, Handels Stockholm, as well as in medical schools in Sweden and abroad.

OUR THREE-YEAR PROGRAMME is divided into a pre-DP year, which is the equivalent of year 10 in international schools, or year one in the Swedish upper secondary system, followed by two IB Diploma years where a class typically comprises around 20 students.

The pre-DP is a one-year course prior to the actual IB Diploma Pro- gramme. As a pre-DP student, you follow a course of study which is similar to the Social Science Programme in the Swedish system, making it simpler for you to change to another programme should you decide not to continue with the IB. The aim of pre-DP is to equip you for the challenges of the Diploma Programme by developing academic and language skills, preparing you to study a broad range of subjects in English.

SUBJECTS                                                                Hours
First language: Swedish or English or Danish              100
Foreign language: English or Swedish                          90
Foreign language, French, German or Spanish              80
History                                                                      70
Social Sciences                                                          90
Theory of Knowledge                                                  20
Biology                                                                      85
Chemistry                                                                  55
Physics                                                                      50
Mathematics                                                             115
Physical Education                                                      90