Student Info

IBDP Administration Monday morning: weekly
IBDP Parent/Student Meetings Monday afternoon: by appointment
IBDP Pastoral Team Meetings Tuesday morning: weekly
IBDP Planning Team Meetings Wednesday afternoon: weekly
IBDP to Heads of School Meetings Wednesday afternoon: weekly
IBDP Representation School Leadership Board Thursday morning: as scheduled
IBDP Marketing/Visits to Schools, Stakeholders Friday morning: by appointment

Academic Coaches
PDP Henrik Franzén 
DP1 Jakob Winberg, Maria Berilsson 
DP2 Gunnel Johansson Munther, Patrick Bengtsson  

Student Representatives
L Bingöl, M Elder, M Horvath
N Hedman, S Börjesson Grotmaak
S Holm

Academic Coaching PDP
Mondays DP1 Mondays DP2 Wednesdays

IB Diploma Group Representatives
Group 1 Studies in Language and Literature A: Gunnel Johansson Munther
Group 2 Language Acquisition B: Jakob Winnberg
Group 3 Individuals and Societies: Paul Johansson
Group 4 Experimental Sciences: Torbjörn Lindell, Henrik Franzén
Group 5 Mathematics: Sofi Nystedt
Group 6 Arts (Theatre): Gilles Kennedy TOK P Johansson

CAS Coordinator S Nystedt; EE G Kennedy 

EE & Academic Preparation G Kennedy, H Franzén

IT Specialist/ManageBac Patrik Bengtsson