All are welcome to apply to the Pre-Diploma programme! This programme leads you directly into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The first year is called “Pre-Diploma” and you would have the same subjects as you would have in year 1 at High School. The courses are based on the Swedish curriculum plan but are taught in English. Thereafter in years 2 and 3 you follow the IBDP. The IBDP is a 2 year secondary education with an emphasis on international-mindedness and becoming a global citizen. The language of instruction is in English although you will continue to develop other languages as well. IBDP schools are all over the world and when you complete the DP (by taking externally moderated exams), you are eligible to apply to many Universities all over the world. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit

Vad är The Pre-Diploma Programme ?
En tvåårig (skolår 11 och 12) sekundärutbildning med internationell standard. PDP is one year programme designed to lead into the DP, which is a 2 year education programme with an international standard.
Utbildningen ges på skolor runt om i världen och ger tillträde till universitet över hela världen.
Programmet leder till ett ”IB diploma” som är en internationellt erkänd examen.
Studenter som studerar vid på ett IB-program kan förflytta sig från en IB- skola till en annan var som helst i världen.
Undervisningsspråket är på engelska. För att anpassas till det svenska systemet och för att förbereda eleverna bättre finns ett förberedande skolår (PDP), skolår 10, där eleverna läser de aktuella gymnasieämnena för årskurs 1 på engelska. Därefter påbörjar eleverna IBDB, skolår 11 och 12.

Ansökan till IBDP sker som till ett vanligt gymnasium

As a an IB MYP 5 or 10th grade student, apply directly to the DP Coordinator:

Applicants to Diploma Program must:
- Pass their core subjects in MYP 5* or Grade 10 (English/Swedish/Mother Tongue, Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences)
- We will ask you to submit your latest report card
- If needed, you might be asked to supply a translation of the grades with definition of a passing score.
- Complete an interview with the DP Coordinator and Study and Work Counselor (SYV)

MYP 5 Advancement to DP 1:
The sum total of all the students’ MYP 5 final grades in 8 subject areas, plus the personal project total 36.
Additionally, if a student has earned a 3 or lower in any MYP 5 core subjects, the student and parent will meet with the coordinator to determine the best course of action. A recommendation will be made by the DP Coordinator at that time.

Diagnostic Assessments
Applicants from the Swedish program, another IB school outside of Älmhult, or abroad will be asked to come in for assessments in English and Math. These are diagnostic assessments that help us to understand your strengths and areas of needed development.

If you want to know more, contact: or