Admission DP

Requirements for PDP applicants.

  • Nine years of school (Completed education form the Swedish comprehensive school or equivalent.)
  • Good written and spoken English.
  • Passed admission tests in English and Mathematics
  • Application for start in August 2018: Please send your application preferably before 15 February 2018 to Gymnasieantagningen.

Swedish students:

Application on
Please mailfor login details

Foreign students: 

Application via
Contact person: Ingela Arheden.

If you would like to apply for IBDP1, please post or email your application to:


Att: Birgitta Roupe
Stora Södergatan 22
SE-222 23 LUND

Requirements for IBDP1 applicants

  • Completion of PDP, MYP5or other equivalent grade 10 education
  • Passed placement tests in English and Mathematics
  • Fill in and enclose the application form below. Attachments needed for a complete application are listed on the application form. Information on Diploma Subject Choices for start in DP1 autumn term 2017 is seen below