About Us

Per Brahegymnasiet celebrated 100 years in 2013. It is a beautiful, historical building located right in the center of Jönköping. Students appreciate the close proximity to the bus and train station as well as all of the shops and cafés downtown.  At the moment, we have approximately 1400 students that study the following programs: The IB Diploma Program, The Art & Music Program, The Economics Program, The Social Sciences Program, The Science Program, The Hotel & Tourism Program.

The students
IB students come from many different backgrounds and schools. Students are allowed to apply from all over Sweden but the majority of our students are from Jönköping and the surrounding counties. Most live at home while some choose to find an apartment in town to avoid long commutes.

What the majority of them have in common is that they are interested in studying and learning. Many of them have done well in their middle schools and are looking for a challenge. They can see the advantages of studying fewer subjects in greater depth in order to increase learning, which will help at university. Many of our students also enjoy the English language and would like to improve their skills in English for the future.

An IB student
• Is motivated and wants to learn more.
• Is a student that likes to think critically.
• Loves challenges and to test their limits.
• Is motivated and wants to learn more.
• Is a student that likes to think critically.
• Is a student that takes responsibility for their studies.
• Is active and creative.
• Is a part of an international IB family.
• Is attractive to universities around the world.

I chose PB because the IB Program is here and because the school is so open and great. IB was the obvious choice for me because I like English and want to study abroad. Plus, I like the fact that I can create my own schedule based on the subjects I want to study.

- Emanuel

I chose PB because I had heard positive things about the school. I chose the IB because it is a good foundation for future studies.
- Ewa 

I chose PB because of IB. The IB Program is perfect because every- thing is in English. You have greater opportunities to study abroad and you also have more possibilities to combine the subjects that you are interested in. - David

I chose PB because of the atmosphere in the school. You don’t have to change who you are to fit in. I chose the IB because it is in English and because I could combine Psychology, Chemistry and my other social science subjects.
- Julia