About Us

In choosing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Sannarpsgymnasiet, you receive an education which gets you ready for studying in higher academia anywhere in the world. At Sannarpsgymnasiet, our knowledgeable and dedicated personnel cooperate in order to give you the best start possible for your future career. Our team of experienced teachers help you to continually develop both intellectually and socially.

We offer a safe and calm study environment where our small groups of students are given the opportunity to grow. We have a modern library with personnel who know both what it takes to complete an effective, academic essay, as well as providing tips to worthwhile literature to read. Our healthcare team and work therapists have the experience to assist with all types of support any student wishes to have, as you are extremely important to us. You are unique. At Sannarpsgymnasiet, we do all we can to help you regarding your individual needs and provide you with a high quality education.

On completion of your IB programme at Sannarpsgymnasiet, you will be well-equipped when either continuing your studies or starting your career as a knowledgeable, empathetic and curious world citizen. It is with us that you can take the first steps towards this!
  • The IB programme has existed at Sannarpsgymnasiet since 2002. Our staff are experienced and have attended several specific IB courses in order to continually develop their teaching skills. 
  • Our students form small study groups which provide the opportunity for close cooperation with their teachers. 
  • Since its beginnings at Sannarpsgymnasiet, the grades obtained by our graduating students have been – on average – higher than the average global score. 
  • IB students from Sannarpsgymnasiet have obtained places studying on various different degree courses at several of the world’s leading educational institutes, amongst others. For example; Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics, Cambridge, Edinburgh and various Swedish universities.

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