Universities survey says IB develops independent inquiry in students

In their 2017 Survey of University Admissions Officers, the ACS International Schools (ACS) and IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA), explored how the Diploma Programme (DP) compares to A-levels.

For the survey, 81 university admissions officers at various universities across the UK were interviewed between 8 March and 21 April 2017.

The DP scores top for ‘encouraging independent inquiry’ (94% of admissions officers saying the programme develops this ‘well’ or ‘very well’) and preparing students to thrive at university, for which all admissions officers interviewed give the programme a ‘well’ or ‘very well’ rating.

Another significant area where the DP outperforms is ‘encouraging a global outlook’, with 97% of admissions officers saying the programme develops this ‘well’ or ‘very well’. Only 7% of admissions officers give A-levels a similar rating.

“In today’s increasingly fractious and challenging world, encouraging a global outlook and nurturing an open mind must surely take a greater significance in schools than ever before, and it’s interesting to see how highly the IB is considered in this respect” says Jeremy Lewis, Head of School at ACS Egham International School.

Sandra Morton, Chief Executive at IBSCA adds: “This year’s research results underpin once again the IB’s long-held reputation as the leading post-16 qualification in the world. It is, however, most pertinent this year to highlight its proven commitment to developing citizenship, open mindedness and communication skills as well as its intellectual rigour – qualities which the IB has long delivered on but which have taken on a greater significance in recent months.”